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Walk of Shame- A Story after Her Hangover

Sept. 2, 2014 4:34 pm / Posted by Youtube Video Downloader and Converter to Online Video Tips

walk of shame

1. Walk of Shame Trailer or Full Movie Download

If you have watched the Walk of Shame trailer on YouTube or the full movie online, you will be attracted by the performance of Elizabeth Banks. The story mainly happens after her one-night stand, she lost everything but have to arrive at an important interview. How can she spare no efforts to attend the interview on time? You can watch this movie and figure out your answers.

Now you can see the Walk of Shame movie on some video sharing sites, such as YouTube or Megashare. However, if you are tired of waiting for the movie after the advertisements, or you don't have time to watch online, you are able to download it by using a Free Youtube Downloader and Converter, it is good to use. Thus, enjoy viewing the movie!

2. Walk of Shame Director, Writer, Release Date, Runtime, Genres and Production

Director: Steven Brill

Writer: Steven Brill

Release Date: May 1, 2014

Runtime: 95 minutes

Genres: Comedy

Production Co: Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, FilmDistrict, Lakeshore Entertainment

3. Walk of Shame Movie Cast

Actor Character
Elizabeth Banks Meghan
James Marsden Gordon
Gillian Jacobs Rose
Sarah Mason Denise (as Sarah Wright Olsen)
Ethan Suplee Officer Dave
Billy Burr Officer Walter
Ken Davitian Cab Driver

4. Walk of Shame Movie Plot Summary

walk of shame

When you mess up the precious opportunity that you are not easy to get, and then in the face of the avalanche of frustration and disappointment, what will you deal with? Megan (Elizabeth Banks) who wanted to become a famous host felt it was time to have a raucous and crazy party. Megan met Gordon (James Marsden) at the party. The two persons began their flirtation and then a night full of romance and passion was at their hands!

After the romantic night, a call from Megan's agent pulled her back to the reality, a big chance that could let her famous at work came. Megan discovered at this time, however, her car was towed; her wallets and all certificates were lost. But the interview time was around the corner, therefore whether she would arrive at the scene on time or not is still a problem. Could Megan seize this golden chance? Of course she hoped so! Thus, she tried her best and asked for help to get there.

5. Walk of Shame Movie Review

There are some exaggerations in the movie, blindly cater to the movie development and reflect people's abnormal thinking and behaviors in the state of the situation at that time. For example, Megan drank so much wine, but naturally awoke in the middle of the night. And every cat didn't get along with, and the cat climbed out from the box, and the way didn't encounter less than a normal person, and so on. However, this is a movie, if let you see the real life you won't be interested to see. So I think the film is worth label the comedy.

Perhaps, from the series of embarrassing matters in this movie, you see the joke and Megan's embarrassment, and the reaction of doing things. But I see that each person to judge people by their outward appearances. You don't know the girl in front of you who dresses like a prostitute, can actually have a proper job, and she is also a good girl in normal life. But just because of a little trouble in life, leads to the situation at the moment. Everyone is busy; everyone has their own troubles, but if you stop to listen to her story, or listen to her explains the situation, she may not continue to this embarrassing way.

Finally is still the same ending mode, Megan uses her opportunity that is hard to own to exchange a moment truth to be her, and then the result is sure to be a happy ending. This is a comedy. But if in life, you haven't finished your words, TV show was interrupted. Life is also a lot of similar embarrassing, but not to show a day at the same time, also is not the form in the movie. But you have to believe that, through the low ebb, you will meet the most beautiful scenery. Life will finally back to the way you want.

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Walk of Shame- A Story after Her Hangover