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The Normal Heart – A Movie about Gays and AIDS

Sept. 2, 2014 3:23 pm / Posted by Youtube Video Downloader and Converter to Online Video Tips

the normal heart

1.The Normal Heart Trailer or Full Movie Download

HBO movie "The Normal Heart" is adapted from the Tony Award show of the same name Drama. Larry Kramer, the writer, experienced the 1980s AIDS storm. The film not only depicts the real and complex features of early AIDS campaign, but also presents the necessity of gay rights. No matter in what kind of era and environment, to love, to the pursuit of love should be our right.

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2.The Normal Heart Director, Writer, Release Date, Runtime, Genres and Production

Director: Ryan Murphy

Writer: Larry Kramer

Release Date: May 25, 2014 (USA)

Runtime: 132 minutes

Genres: Drama

Production Co: HBO Films, Plan B Entertainment, Blumhouse Productions

3.The Normal Heart Cast

Actor Character
Mark Ruffalo Ned Weeks
Matt Bomer Felix Turner
Taylor Kitsch Bruce Niles
Jim Parsons Tommy Boatwright
Julia Roberts Dr. Emma Brookner
Alfred Molina Ben Weeks
Jonathan Groff Craig
Joe Mantello Mickey Marcus

4.The Normal Heart Plot

the normal heart

In 1981, AIDS was a kind of unprecedented immune system deficiency disease that happened in New York. Due to it occurred among gays, so also known as "gay disease" at that time. Ned is a radical gay writer. When he saw his friends' death and the government's inaction, he launched a gay men health crisis organization indignantly, called on the government and the social public to attach importance to the imminent plague.

Emma, the half paralyzed female doctor, was one of the few medical personnel who highly alerted AIDS epidemic at the beginning. What's more, she was Ned's important heterosexual ally. Ned knew Felix, the New York Times reporter, during the sports. And then they two fell in love.

However, Felix was eventually diagnosed with AIDS. Poor Ned had to fight for his love and career. Bruce, chairman of the health crisis organization, is Ned's best friend. However, his style is opposite from aggressive Ned. Tommy, the executive director, tried to balance the two persons, but couldn't eliminate bigger differences. A break is around the corner. And it was the fourth year that AIDS spread in the United States.

5.The Normal Heart Review

From Philadelphia, Wilde, I Love You Phillip Morris, Brokeback Mountain to The Normal Heart, nowadays more and more movies about gays are accepted by the society. It is just like the black people appear in a Hollywood movie generally can't be a villain, almost no directors or writers are willing to complete a film that attacks on gays. Therefore, in the beginning, gay films are talking about why we can't discrimination against gays.

Undoubtedly, based on the milestone of the gay movement history, "The Normal Heart" is impossible to be only a movie that adapts from the true story, even if the directors want to do so. Panic and disease are unrelated to gender. The identity is not to deliberately keep different, nor to keep same, but to realize that - we have differences, but it doesn't matter that we are all the same. The movie doesn't intentionally mixed sex, also nor to emphasize the panic when AIDS begins to spread. Imperceptibly, there has already been a hug shift: from "they can't love each other", to "we can allow them to love each other", to "we can support they love each other", to "they fall in love, we know it", just like the title – the normal heart.

So many years past, the gay world is the same, millions of them live to enjoy sex. They think sex is all their own, it's all for the sake of sex, plastic surgery, keep fit, skin care, dress up, eating, surf the Internet, chat, make money, party, are all for gays' sex, all for having sex with different gays. This may be the final shape of life. But in my opinion, company is better than sex. Perhaps this is also what the movie wants us to know.

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The Normal Heart – A Movie about Gays and AIDS