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The Grand Budapest Hotel – Great Building is Monument of Civilization

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The Grand Budapest Hotel

1. The Grand Budapest Hotel Trailer or Full Movie Download

The story took place in Europe in the 1930s and 1960s. The film revolves around a hotel concierge and his young pupil. In the famous grand Budapest hotel, Mr. Gustava had experienced some stories, including priceless paintings stolen, noble royal family property disputes and other ridiculous anecdotes. Not only that, he also witnessed to the European war in half a century together with the luxury hotel.

If you have watched the Grand Budapest Hotel trailer, you probably not be attracted by the plot. But once you watch the full movie, you will know that this is not just a comedy. It contains political, history and culture as well. Therefore, this is a movie that you deserve to watch. Now you can choose to watch it online or on DVD, but if not, try to download it by using Free Youtube Downloader and Converter and watch it later. This video downloader supports any video sharing websites.

2. The Grand Budapest Hotel Director, Writer, Release Date, Runtime, Production and Genres

Director: Wes Anderson

Writer: Hugo Guinness (story), Wes Anderson (screenplay)

Release Date: March 7, 2014

Runtime: 100 minutes

Production Co: Scott Rudin Productions

Genres: Comedy / Drama

3. The Grand Budapest Hotel Cast

Actor Character
Ralph Fiennes M. Gustave
Tony Revolori Zero Moustafa
F. Murray Abraham Mr. Moustafa
Saoirse Ronan Agatha
Tilda Swinton Dmitri
Adrien Brody Henckels
Edward Norton Young Writer
Léa Seydoux Clotilde
Bill Murray M. Ivan
Owen Wilson M. Chuck
Willem Dafoe Jopling

4. The Grand Budapest Hotel Plot

The story began from an anonymous writer. In order to concentrate on writing, he came to the restaurant called "Budapest". In that hotel, the writer met Moustafa, the owner of the restaurant. Moustafa invited the young writer to have a dinner with him. During the dinner, he told the writer the story of grand hotel.

Gustave was once the manager of the hotel and young Moustafa just a small doorman who goes with him at that time. Gustave is honest and smart. Under his management and organization, Budapest hotel became the leading resort at that time. Gustave and elderly Madame D love each other. After the death of Madame D, she left a priceless painting to Gustave in her will. That angered her son Dmitri. Then the misfortune of Gustave and Great Budapest hotel began.

5. The Grand Budapest Hotel Review

Just like Gustave said, in this wild and original slaughterhouse that used to be called "human nature", still exists sporadic flashing light. Zero says Gustave is a part of the light. Perhaps this is the meaning of the Budapest hotel - those memories that about human nature, only in the memory, tonal and bright to false.

The so-called human nature maybe existed in Gustave's pursuit of extreme taste. Or perhaps it is the elegant perfume that should be sprayed in his fleeing; perhaps it is the trust and loyalty that the mysterious organization stands for. Great building is the monument of civilization. Budapest hotel, the once flourishing great building, eventually lost in the era of change, and become one place only for soul to seek shelter.

In the end, even the place is gone. It became a part of the legend. People can only imagine her former glory from the old people or on the cover of the novel. However, its calm and elegant that belongs to a bygone, is just like the culture that people don't even know but live in, have not faded over time.

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The Grand Budapest Hotel Trailer, Release Date and Cast