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Need for Speed – A Movie about Car Racing

Aug. 6, 2014 5:37 pm / Posted by Youtube Video Downloader and Converter to Online Video Tips

1. Need for Speed Movie Trailer Download

As another movie about muscle cars racing, "Need for Speed" is a bit different from the "Fast and Furious" series, but the cinephiles can enjoy the wonderful performance of car racing in the film as well. If you have watched the Need for Speed movie trailer, you can know that the hero is about to revenge because the other bad guy frames up him and the hero loses his best friend because of an accident. This is going to be a movie about car racing, love and hate.

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need for speed 2014 poster

2. Need for Speed Movie Director, Writer, Release Date, Production and Genres

Director: Scott Waugh

Writer: George Gatins and John Gatins

Release Date: March 14, 2014

Production Co: DreamWorks Pictures

Genres: Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Adapted from: Need for Speed game

3. Need for Speed Movie Cast

Actor Character
Aaron Paul Tobey Marshall
Imogen Poots Julia Maddon
Dominic Cooper Dino Brewster
Dino Brewster Monarch
Dakota Johnson Anita
Ramon Rodriguez Joe Peck
Kid Cudi Benny
Harrison Gilbertson Little Pete
Rami Malek Finn

4. Need for Speed Movie Plot

Need for Speed 2014

Tobey Marshall is a blue-collar mechanic and he manages a converted garage together with his friends. Meanwhile, he is born to be a racing driver. Although they just win a prize in a competition, the state of operation about their garage is not so optimistic. At this time, Dino Brewster brings a big business for them. As long as Tobey takes part in a car racing, they will obtain a rich reward. At last, Tobey and Little join in for the remuneration.

In the underground racing tournament, he is framed by Dion Brewster, a very rich villain. And he loses his best friend Little and finally be sent in the prison. When he goes out, he vows to revenge. He decides to answer blows with blows and let the man who traps him pay. And the only chance to achieve his goal is to participate in an underground racing throughout the United States.It is going to be a test of a series of heart accelerated speed for Tobey. At the same time, this mission that begins at revenge will be a sin tour gradually.

5. Need for Speed Movie Review

Although the film is adapted from the Need for Speed game, you won't be disappointed in it. Need for Speed is a film that has the key elements besides the drag racing and action. The element is the emotional drama and the music. Perhaps for a person who is full of passion and enthusiasm for life, no matter that is a man or a woman, he or she will love this movie.

If you agree with me, the shot about Tobey goes out from the car and surrenders to the police may leave a deep impression to you. When the policeman puts him on the ground, he looks at the white lighthouse, the lighthouse against the California blue sky with blue and white. In order to the brotherhood, Tobey takes the responsibility to revenge for his best friend. On the way to the sinister revenge, he persists and never gives up.

And after he finishes the revenge, his friend has never been back again. Then he selects to surrender himself to the police. In that moment, he is like a soldier who wins the war but never find his comrade-in-arms back. Eventually, he falls on his knees, faces the fate and unloads the burden. With "Road Untraveled", the song of Lincoln Park, he can't help his tears. Therefore, no matter you have played the Need for Speed game or not, the movie deserves to gets 5 stars.

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Need for Speed – A Movie about Car Racing