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22 Jump Street – A Movie to Our Best Gay Friends

Aug. 6, 2014 4:12 pm / Posted by Youtube Video Downloader and Converter to Online Video Tips

1.22 Jump Street Trailer Video Download

If you have watched the 22 Jump Street trailer on YouTube, you will know that this is a comedy. As the sequel of 21 Jump Street, the story of 22 Jump Street is as funny as the 21 Jump Street. In the sequel, the two protagonists are in the high school, but in this movie, they are in the college. Also they have to find the criminals in the school but as the oldest students, what will other students and teachers treat them and whether they find out the suspect or not and who is the behind-the-scene master. You will find the answer in the movie.

Now you can watch the trailer or full movie on YouTube. Even though the trailer is only less than 3 minutes, we can also get some brief information from it. You can also check out the full movie in megashare. But the best way of viewing this movie is to download it using a Free Youtube Downloader and Converter and then you can watch it at any time, without advertisements and bad internet connection.

22 jump street

2.22 Jump Street Release Date

This movie is released on June 13, 2014. It is directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller and distributed by Sony Pictures. The whole movie lasts 112 minutes and it has another name, 21 Jump Street 2.

3.22 Jump Street Cast

Jonah Hill as Schmidt, Channing Tatum as Jenko, Ice Cube as Captain Dickson, Dace Franco as Eric Molson, Peter Stormare as Big Meat, Amber Stevens as Maya, Rob Riggle as Mr. Walters, Richard Grieco as Dennis Booker, Libby Blanton as Beach Babe, Wyatt Russell as Zook.

4. Caption America: The Winter Soldier Plot

Schmidt and Jenko not only experience the school test in their unforgettable high school career, but also solve some problems of the teenagers. But time files, after the graduation from high school, the local police send them undercover in university continually. This is not the first time for them to do that, thus it is not so difficult. They have good relationship with the young people, and that helps them to get plenty of information to the police.

Everything is in order soon. Schmidt takes part in the school football team and makes friends with his football players quickly. Jenko learns the art of professional and is attracted to the perfect sculpture and the girls in his class. It seems that to break the case has become a burden for them. At the same time, their partnership is worse than before. Whether they want to maintain the relationship or not, whether they will enjoy the school life and forget their responsibilities or not, you will get the answer from it.

22 Jump Street

5. 22 Jump Street Review

No matter Jenko and Schmidt are back to the high school or the university, they all get a chance for life. However, the crisis of this story is that if one of them indulges in the luxurious life, how could the other one handle with this? Compare with the 21 Jump Street, this movie is not just talking about the new life, but to express a more brutal choice: the new friend or old friend.

As a matter of fact, sometimes we also need to make a choice in our life. We may think that whether the person who stays with us is the best soul mate or not. We may think if I have the same language with him or her. If I have another chance, can I meet another person that I love more? In This movie, Jenko is the person who thinks about this. Perhaps Zook is the better man to be his friend because both of them have the same hobbies and interests and their living habit is so similar.

However, when he really tries to live with Zook and far away from Schmidt, he still cherishes the memory with that fatty. Because the best partner is not the person who has the similar interest with him, it is the guy who has experienced the common life in months and years.

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22 Jump Street – A Movie to Our Best Gay Friends