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How to download Facebook Videos

Jul. 23, 2014 9:24 am / Posted by Youtube Video Downloader and Converter to Online Video Tips

I wanna save a couple of Facebook videos to my laptop for later viewing when I travel on train without access to the internet. How can I download a FB video to my computer?

Such question is quite common to see among most major forum. Therefore, the conclusion that a majority of Facebook users have no ideas of download videos off Facebook is easy to come to. Here I'd like to provide you with two ways to download Facebook videos either with software or not. Follow the guide and you'll get to know how to download Facebook videos.

How to download videos from Facebook without any software

Since there're plethoric software available for you to download online videos, people would easily get confused at which one is the best. Stop comparing! And here I'd like to show you how to free download Facebook videos without installing any software. You should follow every instruction as below.

There you have it. When the video finishes downloading, you can play the video in your PC anywhere and anytime.

Tip: The video is saved in the folder where you put it.

How to download videos from Facebook with third-party tool

Feel troublesome to free download Facebook videos with above way? Still don't want to compare which video downloader software is cost-effective? Then follow my advice based on feedback in major forums—Youtube Video Downloader and Converter, which makes it simple to download videos off Facebook. And it also facilitates you by offering two modes to download Facebook videos as follows.

Copy and paste URL.

Download via the "Download" button.

Note that no matter which mode you choose, you need to download Windows Videos Downloader and launch it first.

FYI, you can also check Free Download Online Videos if you need to download videos from Top 5 Best Video Websites.

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How to download Facebook Videos