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Like A Girl-It isn't always a bad thing

Sept. 17, 2014 9:35 am / Posted by Youtube Video Downloader and Converter to Online Video Tips

1. Like A Girl video download

Commissioned by Always to investigate our negative connotations with the expression, Lauren Greenfield, who brought audiences 2012's Queen of Versailles, produced an ad campaign that has sparked a national conversation on female empowerment and self-esteem. The result is a social media movement that aims to redefine what it means to do something "like a girl".

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2. Like A Girl director

Lauren Greenfield

3. Like A Girl introduction

The video builds a simple and sobering message around the idiomatic insult "you throw, run, hit, etc. like a girl." The woman behind The Queen of Versailles interviews grown men and women and a young boy to act out what it means to run, throw, or fight "like a girl". She then compares their overly weak and flouncy physical displays to the admirably ferocious way pre-adolescent girls act out the expression.

4. Like A Girl review

Too frequently, we don't even teach girls how to do the things we teach boys, and then we use that lack of knowledge to justify the differentness. The first time a boy throws, he also throws like shit, too. It's practicing for hours every day that makes anyone a good thrower, but somehow we forget all the work and just seem to believe that boys are innately better at the very things we prop them up to be better at. It's a mind-fuck. Then we go and value the things boys do and that we teach boys to do, so that the advantage remains. If the tables were turned and little girls were the dominant jerks, they could say things to boys like, "You menstruate like a boy." Meaning: Not at all. Get it? What a riot.

It's a vicious cycle. Not to mention the fact that, hey, if you're trying to prove one gender is innately more awkward at puberty, there are just as many reasons to mock boys, who get pimply faced, squeaky voiced, gangly as fuck, and boner-plagued.

The contrast makes it all too clear how young women lose self-esteem the more they grow up and hear "like a girl" as a derogatory statement. So there is no need to be shameful when someone says "you behave like a girl".

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Like A Girl-It isn't always a bad thing