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Just one of the Guys - The Lead Single of the Voyager

Sept. 17, 2014 2:12 pm / Posted by Youtube Video Downloader and Converter to Online Video Tips

1. Just One of The Guys video download

The track is the first single off Lewis' new album, The Voyagers, out July 29.

Just one of the guys is now available on YouTube. "I'm not gonna break for you/I'm not gonna pray for you/I'm not gonna pay for you/That's not what ladies do!" The lyrics impress much on me. Is it attractive to you? Just download it with Free Youtube Downloader and Converter on your computer.

2. Just One of The Guys director and cast

Director: Jenny Lewis

Cast: Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart, Brie Larson, Tennessee Thomas

3. Just One of The Guys introduction

Lewis rocks the rainbows-and-unicorn-inspired suit of our dreams, while the movie stars behind her transform into Adidas tracksuit-wearing dudes. Stewart does a weird thing with her eyebrows and has a terrible mustache, Hathaway has a rat tail and Larson actually looks kind of cute.

In the video Hathaway has mock-brooding intensity, and even sheds a tear, in between some very bad break dancing. Stewart larks about while Larson pumps her fists and sings her heart out.

For her song "Just One of the Guys," Lewis recruited the former Bella Swan and Mia Thermopolis, along with indie darling Brie Larson (who everybody already likes) to play some backup guitar and portray some obnoxious members of the opposite sex. The girls playing guitar and key tar behind Lewis are the starlets as we're used to seeing them: Stewart is serious and confrontational and Hathaway makes a series of overly-dramatic faces at the camera. But then, they put on some tracksuits and stick-on mustaches and something magical happens.

4. Just One of The Guys review

It's about many things, but in the end, for me, the song centers around the bridge: "I'm just another lady without a baby." I think the song is really about the freedom of choice. You can be a professional woman, and you can choose to not have children if you want to. And the pressures you feel from that, which are inevitable, it's ultimately your choice.

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Just one of the Guys - The Lead Single of the Voyager