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Here we list some common questions that users mentioned before. You can find their solutions if you have the same problem.

Q 1. Can I use this YouTube Downloader to download videos free in other video websites, such as hulu, Vimeo, videobash, etc.?

Answer: I'm sorry. This free version of YouTube Downloader only supports YouTube. If you want to download videos free in other websites, you can use its advanced version YouTube Downloader Pro.

Q 2. I pasted the URL of a YouTube video, but it failed to analyze. What's wrong?

free youtube downloader

Answer: Sometimes the software may prompt the error above. That's because your network condition is not very good, please check whether your network is connected well and click button to refresh it.


Q 3. This YouTube Downloader is free. Does it have any plug-ins which may damage data on my computer?

free youtube downloader

Answer: Reset assured. Our Free YouTube Downloader is very safe. It won't carry any virus to damage your downloaded YouTube videos or your device.

Q 4. I click the "Free Download" button and it goes to When I click on the "Download Now" button, it prompts "Windows can't visit the target device or files, etc." What happened?

Answer: You can try the Direct Download Link at the left bottom of download interface.

Q 5. Can I download several videos at the same time? How?

Answer: Of course you can. Launch the software and you can see 5 signs at the top-right corner of the interface, click the sign , and choose the option of "Preferences". Then you can see an interface below. In Max Tasks, you can choose the number of videos to download simultaneously.

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Q 6. I successfully download a YouTube video and I see a "convert" option behind it. Why can't I use it to convert the format of this video or convert it to audio?

Answer: This free version of YouTube Downloader supports to download videos via inbuilt YouTube Browser or download online. Besides, it is installed with HD video player, and you can use it to play downloaded or existing videos anywhere. But it doesn't support to convert formats of videos or convert it to audios. If you want, you can try its advanced version, YouTube Downloader Pro.

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